Strategic advice on effective monetization with ADCASH

Thinking about how to monetize your website? Look no further, as we have prepared a total monetization to manage for you.

Our amazing team at Ikonerx Media Network shared their insight and we set up a monetization strategy that will be useful for all of you, whether you’re a highly experienced publisher or a total amateur.

The most effective method to start adapting

Before starting to monetize, webmasters should focus on developing their audience. They should attempt to get as many visitors and as much traffic as conceivable. When the website has a reasonable amount of visitors, it’s an ideal opportunity to become acquainted with your audience. It’s important to understand your website visitors’ behavior: why they visit the site, where they originate from, how they interact with the content, and to what extent they spend on the site.

When you have enough traffic and know your audience, then it’s an ideal opportunity to begin! AdCash’s major aim is to keep your audience happy by just demonstrating relevant ads. Be that as it may, so as to do as such, they need to learn more about your site and its visitors. The more they think about your traffic the better. Also, to recommend the best setup for your specific site, Adcash needs to know where the biggest traffic volumes are originating from and whether it’s organic or acquired through other channels.

Strategic advice on effective monetization

Time and constant steady traffic volumes are the key components in effective monetization. Thus, while settling on another platform, you ought to allow the Adcash expectation framework to get stable volumes and adapt the correct optimization settings. Along these lines, it can start indicating best-paying campaigns. Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished publisher and skill your traffic works, it’s as yet important that you give time for the Adcash optimization algorithms to start generating results.

During the testing time frame, it may be necessary to change or tweak the setup. Therefore, publishers need to be patient as it would take 2–3 days as long as a week relying upon the website and its volumes before it will start generating anticipated results. The clients who allow the Adcash to run numerous tests and go further into the analysis are the ones who will get the best results in the long haul and regularly they boost their earnings. The time you go through with the Adcash will be rewarded with considerably more than you at first could even imagine, because as you succeed, they succeed.

Also, Adcash doesn’t recommend having too narrow ad campaign choice and whitelisting, except if you need to apply some necessary limitations. This may constrain your overall earnings and bar the exploration of new demand sources.

Using the correct keywords in your website’s content and URL allows us to match your traffic with a highly targeted demand. Doing this increases change and ultimately acquires more cash.

Working exclusively with one network usually plays out better than consolidating various networks. In case you’re using various networks at the same time, it’s important to understand that the vast majority of the networks have more or less the same campaigns. In addition, using various networks affects user experience that could damage both earnings and the overall website performance. Using just each network, in turn, causes you to find their maximum capacity, as they can sell your traffic at a higher value which ultimately means more revenue for you.

Adcash will interface you to well-targeted high-quality ads, as the majority of their advertisers are direct and they have many exclusive campaigns running with big brands. In the event that you have a large website, the AdCash can adapt ads specifically for your site by creating a custom rotation of performing ads. In addition, they can easily create dedicated and customized landing pages using your website branding or content so as to improve performance and user engagement.

Instructions to pick the correct ad format for your website

Picking the best ad formats and placements to display on your site, for the most part, relies upon your audience, site’s layout, and the sort of content you have. We recommend attempting to test diverse ad formats and placements to understand which solutions are preferred by your users and bring the highest eCPMs and ROI. Adcash recommends using 1 or 2 ad formats on the same page. Yet, right off the bat, how about we discover what ad formats and layouts could you use …

For websites with a great deal of content and images (eg. Pinterest, Instagram, dotbox Africa, and Buzzfeed), we’d recommend using Interstitials. This non-intrusive ad format mixes with the overall content and doesn’t affect the user experience. That’s all obvious when the recurrence capping is regarded, for example, use it with intervals 1–3 times each day. Interstitials are a decent way to keep your users engaged and at the same make some great cash with it. It’s also a great alternative answer for Google AdSense. In this way, on the off chance that you for some reason can’t use Google AdSense, then Interstitial ads will be ideal for you instead.

On the off chance that the website is using absolutely video content, then Pop-Under will be the most suitable and profitable format. The same goes for file sharing and gaming websites. It’s the most engaging ad format and that’s the reason it works best for that sort of content and brings the most profit for our publishers. A triumphant combination for these sites is Pop-Under used together with Interstitial ads. This blend has demonstrated to bring generally excellent results. On the off chance that you wish to use those two at the same time, we would propose avoiding boundless capping for the two formats and use recurrence capping for Interstitials to maintain decent user experience. For example, 1 ad for every 30 minutes or indicating Interstitials 1–3 times each day with intervals, and then you can save your regular setup for Pop-Under. We can also set this up per traffic type, so the Pop and Interstitial ads would be displayed distinctly on desktop or cell phones for better user experience.

With regards to gaming and entertainment websites, the Pop-Under setup ought to be viewed as more thoroughly, really consider your ad placement. For those, perhaps the best example is the bottom monetization. The placement of ads is the most important detail for sports sites, as they can be more aggressive and intrusive because of the fact that the user is really intrigued to access the content they give anyway.

Another great way to increase your earnings is by using Push Notifications. This format is overly universal and works really well with each website. It’s easy to use, as it doesn’t need as much customization as other ad formats.

When starting out with Adcash, experienced publishers already realize which ad format to pick. Usually, they want to start with Pop-Under as it remains one of the most profitable ad formats. Be that as it may, it isn’t always the best way to go. Why? Again, it’s crucial to know your audience and how they will react to various formats.

For what reason should publishers use Adcash

Adcash is transparent and our platform offers publishers full access to statistics and earnings. So you can track your performance in real-time! Plus, their adaptable payment terms and fast payments are always cherished by our publishers. Remember that Adcash also has a massive pool of global demand and together with its powerful ad technology they can deliver the highest value for your inventory.

Since the online monetization field is highly competitive and publishers are always attempting to increase their ad revenue they ought to be aware of what their traffic is worth. That’s the reason publishers ought to always make sure that the monetization platform they’re using is transparent, legit, and reliable.

Adcash publishers don’t have to worry about Adblock solutions, as their ads bypass them and will even now be appeared. The anti AdBlock tags are available for Pop-Under format on their publisher panel. The ongoing anti Adblock update on the Adcash platform delivered 20% higher revenue to our publishers.

Adcash offers full support for publishers. Whether it’s assisting with setting up your tags, pick the best ad formats, or share some other stunts that will assist you with taking your monetization strategy to the next level. The dedicated account managers and support team are always here to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have. The Adcash team is hyper-responsive, so don’t hesitate to contact them at any time.

Adcash’s hotly-anticipated referral program was launched in February 2020. The framework is easy, by referring to new publishers our publishers can earn 5% of their lifetime earnings! Things being what they are, what are you waiting for? Boost your earnings now!

Also, they’re also always watching out for new trends and solutions. Always constantly improving their procedures and technology to offer their clients the best help conceivable. The Adcash message to webmasters is: “Share your feedback with us or inform us about a specific trend or need. We will give our 100% to deliver you anything that could be the next big thing!”


They really tune in to what the webmasters want. It’s tuning in as well as Adcash really takes action as well, even in cases when they ask for another product. Adcash wants to make your digital advertising and monetization journey as smooth and profitable as conceivable!

Inform us as to whether you have any inquiries regarding adapting with Adcash or their platform in general. And on the off chance that you’re an amateur in the monetization world, then sign up on the Adcash platform, contact us for a specific setup, and start earning!

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Ikonerx exists to create meaningful connections between brands, people, and culture.

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